Protecting our
Youth, Rotary, and YOU!

Len Schwartz

District Youth Protection Officer

Rotary Club of Williamstown Sunrise

The Youth Protection Committee is here to help you with any questions, concerns you may have in the following areas:

  • Interact
  • Youth Exchange
  • RYLA
  • Youth Programs related to your Rotary Club

Please feel free to contact our Youth Protection Officer, Len Schwartz. Our committee is available to speak with your club on any topic of Rotary Youth Protection. All clubs involved with youth must have the following paperwork submitted to our Youth Protection Officer before any interaction with youth.

For Non-Youth Exchange Volunteers ONLY

  1. Rotary Club Annual Resolution signed by the Club President and Vice-President annually.
  2. ESSEX Background Check/Waiver for all individuals over 18 years of age having contact with youth. Fee $20.00
  3. Completed Application form for all individuals over 18 yours of age having contact with youth.
  4. Two (2) Letters of Reference (only one can be a Rotarian) – Non-Youth Exchange.